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Shipping and Deadlines

Shopping at Braza Ferramentas, you receive your products at home in the fastest, safest, and most economical way. Our goods are shipped by mail and in some cases via carrier, either via SEDEX (Average delivery time 1 to 25 business days) or PAC (Average delivery time 5 to 25 business days). The exact deadline for your region can be calculated by providing your zip code before finalizing the order, remembering that the deadline only begins after payment confirmation.


For purchases over R$ 499.00, a 100% discount on shipping will be automatically applied for shipments throughout the national territory (Brazil).

Posting Deadline x Payment Method x Production Deadline

The customer must be aware that the production and posting deadlines for products begin upon payment release by our Finance Department:

Credit Card

In the case of credit card payment, the delivery time is considered from payment confirmation and order release. The time for the credit to be captured by the card issuer varies from 1 to 3 business days.

Bank Slip

In the case of payment by bank slip, our Financial Department releases the order upon confirmation of payment by the financial institution. Confirmation is made within 3 business days from the payment of the bank slip.


In the case of payment by PIX, our Financial Department releases the order upon confirmation of payment by the financial institution. Confirmation takes 1 business day. If the transaction is successfully completed, consider the deadline described on the website.

The deadline for merchandise shipment will be 1 business day after production completion or, if we have it in stock, shipment will be on the next business day. Remembering that for personalized products, the shipping deadline starts after the buyer sends the files for customization. If the buyer does not send the files within 15 days, the sale will be canceled and the amount refunded.


SEDEX - 02 to 15 business days

PAC - 07 to 25 business days

CARRIER - 1 to 15 business days (depending on the state)

Payment Status

An email will be sent informing the status of your payment.

Our system automatically sends alert emails notifying of any changes in order processing. To receive them, it is important to keep your email updated in the registration. We advise you to always check your inbox, spam, or trash folder as due to your email settings, these messages may not be in the inbox.

You can access your account on our website to check the current status of your order as well as other registration data.

Conditions preventing delivery within the deadline Delivery failures caused by customer absence at the delivery address, incomplete or incorrect registration data, customer refusal of the product, and change of address.

Unfortunately, delivery within the specified deadline will not be possible if there is any major event such as STRIKE, floods, natural disasters, pandemics, accidents of great proportions, or other internal occasions of shipping companies that prevent delivery.

All our deliveries are outsourced, and the delivery time informed is the sole responsibility of the carrier or the post office.

Our delivery times may vary from 3 to 15 days.

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