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Leather Tools

Launch of a new collection of uniquely designed tools

exclusive design

Worldwide shipping

Made in Brazil


Here are testimonials from real people, who use our tools in their work and who share our passion for manual arts and artisanal production.

Bico de impressora 3D imprimindo uma peça

Why Braza?

We combine artisanal processes with advanced technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and engraving

Artesão olhando com atenção e cuidado uma peça em produção

We love to innovate

3D Printing and Laser

High technology in the creation of pieces with lightness, resistance and innovation. 3D printing and laser cutting/engraving enable agility in the production and creation of new products.

Product design

We develop our products from ideas, through many drafts, to the final product. 

handmade cutlery

High quality steels and heat treatments with professional production processes.

Constant evolution

We know that all ideas can be improved, as well as products, which are constantly evolving.


Bico de impressora futurístico


  • Do I need to sharpen tools every time?
    The blades are shipped sharp and ready to use, but like any knife, the edge of the blade must always be maintained. We recommend using the Strop for all blade tools.
  • Are plastic cables strong?
    Yes! the material used is ABS plastic, the same material as LEGO bricks. They are very resistant and withstand drops, in addition to being waterproof.
  • Do you have the products in stock?
    No, because everything is manufactured on demand with manual processes and multiple technologies and production steps. In addition, we believe in the constant evolution and improvement of each product. If we notice that we can improve some aspect of the product, we will make changes for the next ones.
  • Do you have a physical store?
    No. We only sell online on this site, at MercadoLivre and MagaLu.
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