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Light table for transposition of drawings from paper to another material (translucent) such as paper, fabric, acrylic etc.



  - Can be used by enthusiast, amateur or a professional artist.

  - It has 6500k LED light with 25W and 1800 Lumens, very diffused and powerful, crossing thick materials.

  - 2mm crystal acrylic top, which gives more precision to the line of the drawing copy.

  - Magnetic system to hold the fabric on the side. Just place the fabric and position the sides and they hold the fabric very tightly.

  - Discreet and functional on and off button.

  - 1.2m wire with 90º socket

  - Bivolt system (from 127V to 220V)



  Crystal acrylic top 28cm x 28cm

  Total thickness of the light table: 3.3cm


  Included items:

  light table 28cm x 28cm

  Magnetic sides for tissue/paper attachment

Led Light Table Tam G - Super Strong For Design/Patch/Embroidery


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